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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Fleximounts. If your question isn’t one of them, please email us at or call us at (855) 421-2808 (9 am-5 pm PST, M-F)

Please provide the part number according to the instruction and also the quantity of the missing item(s). If you still have the package box, please provide photos of that as well so that we can determine which batch the product comes from.

Yes. Both parallel or perpendicular positions would work.





It is a DIY project and we do not offer installation service. However, for Amazon customers, you can purchase with Amazon Home Services, but please note that we are not responsible for any problems caused by the installation. Make sure to use accessories provided by Fleximounts (included in the product box), even if you choose Amazon’s Installation Service.

No. There are only 6 hangers so you would not be able to separate it into two 4×4’s.

Yes. Our garage storage items can be used for all standard spacing of ceiling joists: 12″  16″  18″  24″.

Yes, that should work. The ceiling bracket is 26 inches long with adjustable holes every inch along the bracket, allowing you to adjust to the 14 inches.

NO. Our garage storage products can be used for wood studs and concrete wall, but not metal.

Yes. Please see the following pictures:







Adjustable means you can just adjust the height before you put stuff on it. You do not raise or lower this product with a winch or hand crank.

Suggestions: Cordless electric drill, various drill bits, ratchet set, wrenches, tape measure(25’), pencil, step ladder,(8‘).

1. Please tell us the spacing of your ceiling joists; 2. Please provide photos or drawings of the ceiling structure so that we can provide more detailed solutions. 3. Please read the product manuals carefully to see if it helps solve the problem. If not, please contact our CN team.

We don’t suggest any modifications of the product.Any changes will nullify warranty coverage.

Fleximounts ceiling rack can be installed on a slanted ceiling by adjusting the length of the vertical angle post assemblies. The ceiling rack must be installed with a horizontally level storage platform, and vertically level vertical angle posts.

Fleximounts ceiling rack can be installed against the wall on one end by attaching vertical posts to the wall studs. The wall studs must be 48″ apart. Additional hardware required is not included.

4X8/ 4X6: This overhead storage rack fits all ceiling joist spacing ≤ 24″, if joist spacing > 24″, only fits the ceiling spacing of 48″.
3X8/ 3X6: This overhead storage rack fits all ceiling joist spacing ≤ 24″, if joist spacing > 24″, only fits the ceiling spacing of 36″.